Hyperlocal & Location Based


Hyper local, in a nutshell, is search marketing with a local focus. It often relies on the increased use of smartphones and other mobile devices to track customers’ locations automatically. While your consumers use global search, they generally choose to shop locally. Therefore, a local marketing plan is essential to your success, yet is a missed opportunity for most businesses and organizations.

3AMEDIA can help you “go local” by tailoring your marketing message more specifically to target consumers in your niche market. Our programmers and marketing experts will work together to design platforms to help you reach the local audience by utilizing GPS based social networking smartphone applications (such as Google Places, Yelp, Foursquare, etc). Or, we can develop a custom solution using push notifications or digital coupons allowing you to reward loyalty, generate impulse buyers and encourage word of mouth advertising.

Who needs Local Marketing? We work with small restaurant and shop owners, large public school systems and government agencies, and everyone in between! If you want to expand your reach in the global marketplace, start with your local markets.



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