This question is one of the most commonly asked questions. It is pivotal to know the difference between dedicated server hosting and AWS(Amazon Web Services) hosting as to choose your service provider. Let us briefly give an introduction of both. A dedicated server is a physical server situated in a data center. This dedicated server is utilized only by you and all its resources are used by you. The specifications of the servers are designed to suit your requirements. Whereas, AWS make use of cloud server hosting. You can sign up for AWS services and get billed for the amount of computing, storage and bandwidth you utilize. So what should you choose when it comes to dedicated or AWS services?
These comparisons will help you choose between the two.

Scalability vs Price

When you order a dedicated server or a group of servers to run a business or an application, you take in account your user base at present and in the future. As the users keep adding up, you keep on increasing the servers physically in your data centers. However, in AWS services you have to enroll for additional services to scale up. Although it is easier to scale up in AWS, the costs of scaling up also increase a great amount. Also, AWS charges extra for all of its services. As your business grows and your user base increases, you will need extra storage and database to keep track of all your users. All of this costs extra for AWS.


The key difference between AWS and dedicated server hosting is that in dedicated server hosting you propose your server model to hosting providers and the server is designed as per your requirement. For instance, if you are looking for a database server that handles a certain amount of data, the server is designed with the relative amount of RAM, storage, processor etc. AWS is an infrastructure specific model and the user has to choose between different features to setup his own infrastructure. You should choose from multiple options to select the appropriate computing capacity, database and storage among others. Although AWS is quite versatile, you have to be quite equipped with the knowledge of servers to build your own architecture.


AWS and dedicated server are both reliable. AWS is a cloud computing service and any issues are resolved swiftly as a cluster of server function together to perform specific tasks. Whereas, dedicated server hosting depends on the provider. A good hosting provider takes no time in hardware replacements or software troubleshooting. 

Response Time

It is generally observed that the dedicated servers offer less response time than AWS services. However, it depends on your hosting provider’s network and the geographical proximity of the data center with your user base.  

You can choose any of the services. It really depends on your requirement and budget. Also, it is recommended to compare the pricing of both depending on your usage and services you avail.

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